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the world is my oyster…living in random oyster beds, oceans and marshes worldwide, currently:, New Zealand

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H+MA at the Kaikoura Trotts…

(this video isn’t from today, but same place, same race…)

my photos:


there she blows folks on the farm…in new z

so you think these volcanoes are sleeping dragons…

this one erupted about 3 weeks ago just a few days after mcneicy and i were here!  a small cafe and farm on the desert highway on our way back to wellington. no one was killed but some trampers were injured.

mt ruapehu


so sweet and wooly

dawn breakin…

gobble doodle doo

nanny goat…


oink oink…

long time no blog…i know

well, the sand is racing through the hour glass…

this week was my birthday!!!!

my second birthday down under…in the land of the long white cloud. also, it was angie’s birthday and you can see fotos from our ‘wee little do’… yeah, it was fun.

thanks guys!!!

(here is the link, but also, you can find more photos to the right in ‘pages’)




sculpture surfing

free fall foto friday

free falling over new zealand….

bonus tuesday



beach tiki

lookey what i got mr. omedo

well, i’ve just been to the grocery and saw this new fancy protex body wash…