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the world is my oyster…living in random oyster beds, oceans and marshes worldwide, currently:, New Zealand

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sammy day

hawaiin shirt sammy on the beach

the real slim sammy

may 1, 1999 – january 27, 2007


a day at the beach…kapiti coast

kapiti birds

kapiti coast

dune flower

happy new year ’08

happy new year to all the pearls on my strand…

just back to welly and work after my first holiday season in nz and it was great.

after christmas we travelled north, as north as you can go on this land, where the sun was shining, flowers blooming, and the sea sparkling.

i really enjoyed this part of country connected to the sea and chock-a-block with the short but meaningful history of this youthful country:

p.s. back in [s]wellington and the wind is roaring and mid-summer i am wearing three layers.

white flower

no idea what this flower is, but it’s beautiful!

quail family

family outting in kerikeri

treaty waka

historic and world’s largest waka. it’s used in the annual observance of the treaty of waitangi

matai beach

matai beach on the doubtless pennensular. this secluded beach was definitely worth the effort of getting there!

tiki carving

tiki carving on the portal of the waitangi marae


historic town (3 buildings i think) of kerikeri

rural chapel

a rural chapel outside of whangarei (fahn-ga-ray)

cape reinga sunset

sunset at cape reinga…the very northern tip of aotearoa

cape reinga

cape reinga with giant sand dunes to the left

busby house and marae

waitangi treaty grounds with gov busby’s colonial cottage and tradition maori marae

7.6 on a sunday

  • Reference Number: 2833367
  • NZDT: Sun, Dec 9 2007 8:28 pm
  • Magnitude: 7.6
  • Depth: 188 km
  • Details: 350 km north of Raoul Island

    hos, mos, and the ‘silly season’

    just a couple of highlights over the last week…where the moto is

    work hard,

    play harder,

    just do it!!!

    *** we are having a fairly strong earthquake as i upload these pics!!!! it’s lasted about 30 seconds so far!!!

    hmm, a ho widda mo??? (party celebrating movember)

    couple of hos, mos, and a mogician!

    HMA representing at a trade sponsored holiday party

    decorations at the resene party

    my 2007 advent wreath

    okay, i’m off, i have laundry and baking to do…

    buon giornata

    W.O.D. Wednesday…Word Of the Day

    in lieu of written wednesday and in an attempt to blog more often, i’ve just come home from the chemist and inspired to began wednesday’s wod, why?

    1. a reason to use the term ‘wod’

    2. left with perscription eye product, again, why?

    a. allergy season down unda

    b. astigmatism, well probably

    c. dry eye

    d. sore eye

    e. been reading tons…jsut not keeping up with written wednesday

    f. 10+ hours at the computer a day (ah the glomrous life of an architect)

    so the word:

    Corneal Sac

     it’s pretty self explanatory, the lower eyelid in which you deposit the mucous-like eye ointment to releive sore, allery, gritty eyes.

    final thought: i just found out botox is being used for jaw clenching and teeth grinding, not a bad application i think.

    now, i’m meant to be preparing for a big drop, but a new tv program is debuting tonight and i am treating myself after a long tuesday that feels like friday!

    so, i drink my evening vino whilst watching:

    ‘does my bum look big’

    i love this funny little country i call home at the moment…


    movember mo mo              

    i’ve been feeling a bit…dirty, creepy, something sinister lately and not knowing why.

    then i realised how many mo-staches are walking around welly (mine excluded!), then it dawned on me that it is ‘Movember’ :

    Movember – Changing the face of Men’s Health
    Movember (the month formerly known as November) is a charity event held during November each year.

    check it out, it might just do you some good: