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the world is my oyster…living in random oyster beds, oceans and marshes worldwide, currently:, New Zealand

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a day at the beach…kapiti coast

kapiti birds

kapiti coast

dune flower


foto friday…freash sea

sail boats docked in wellington harbour at dusk

foto friday pyrotechnics

guy fawkes day fireworks at the welly warf

free fall foto friday

free falling over new zealand….

foto friday from floridita’s


foto friday

crashing waves

i’ll be a brave little toaster…in lieu of foto friday

okay, in lieu of foto friday (as i still have no new photos…thanks to HP) i found this little tid bit and i thinks it rationalizes my fear…

i am speechless. take it as you will- some of you will view in horror while others will give a big..’yessssssssss!’

i will take a xanax and hope someone holds my hand. and think how lucky i am really for the experiences i’ve had.

 *the music is awful on this video…