conceptual oyster

the world is my oyster…living in random oyster beds, oceans and marshes worldwide, currently:, New Zealand

written wednesday: hell & mushrooms

i’ve started another book,

it started off slowly, but now i’m really enjoying it.

The Witch of Portobello by Paulo Coehlo


poignient…it’s quite simple so i challenged myself to try to recognize the deeper meaning, the abstract, the concept (considering i am the conceptual oyster…).

and i think…

it’s about listening to who you are,

to your own life’s plan,

not everyone’s elses [imposed] plan for you.

poignient because;

1. i think this little oyster girl is about to make some changes  and

2. the last book i mentioned (The Tenth Circle) was about the consequences of not being true to who you are.


both books get two thumbs up!


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  amber wrote @

i’m reading a book by jodi picoult too. I saw two women on MARTA reading books by her so i went and bought one

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