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the world is my oyster…living in random oyster beds, oceans and marshes worldwide, currently:, New Zealand

WAKE UP Wednesday…

two cups down and one on deck… a ‘bucks regular tall skinny.

anyway, on preparing my neice (a.k.a neicy from now) for our possible (hopeful) return to the land of the long white cloud (aotearoa) to free my precious treasures (wool skeins, shoes, cookbooks, etc.) from bondage (well, storage)- oyster girl has been passing along ‘pearls of wisdom’ and what neicy can expect. i.e. weather (wind and rain mostly), accomodation (sans central heat and insulation), the auditory differences between d-i-c-k and d-e-c-k…

but, i only just now realised one fundamental aspect i’ve forgotten.


if any of you have found yourselves arriving down under at the blurry hours of the morning (around 5:15 a.m. as all inbound flights from the US do) and in search of a coffee… wouldn’t it have been nice if someone, a customs agent, perhaps in the intimacy of security screening or even the sniffy beagles, had mentioned protocol? well, for all of you out there, the good and global citizen that i am, here it goes:

 flat white

How to Order Coffee In Australia (& New Zealand)

Short Black: This is a single shot of espresso.

Long Black: Espresso with water (1/3 espresso 2/3 water). If you want a close approximation of a regular cup ‘o joe, order a long black. It’s equivalent to a Cafe Americano ordered in your local coffeehouse.

Simple, yeah? Well, I hope you didn’t want milk with that. That’s where the confusion starts.

Flat White: This is a popular drink in Australia and New Zealand. As far as I know, it’s not served anywhere else in the world. A flat white is an espresso with steamed milk (about 1/3 espresso, 2/3 milk). The closest approximation in America would be a no foam latte.

So, what if you want a regular cup o’ joe with milk?

You order a Long Black with Milk on the Side. This gives you cold milk to add to your long black.

Thankfully a latte is a latte and a cappaccino is a cappacino.



  jessicatillyer wrote @

Funny, I was just writing an entry about Starbucks because the bastards just raised the prices. I always order lattes where ever I am but I find that in Europe they don’t have soymilk as much as we have in the U.S. And I just have never liked cow milk.

  penandpurl wrote @

Ah, the flat white! Before I ditched caffeine I used to hanker after flat whites while living overseas. Instead I was faced with a barrage of icy, milky, frothy and over-priced Starbucks concoctions! Thankfully now I have much less of a headache over what to order as the herbal tea options at places like that are usually much less extensive. 🙂

Might be wrong, but I thought the NZ and Australian way of making coffee comes from Italy…?

  oyster girl wrote @

yeah i think so…but i also spent time in italy.
but i tell you, what i learned is this:
basically, kiwis do ‘their way’…

love it!

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