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foto friday

crashing waves


you asked…you receive part 1

okay, i guess we are gonna get good old fashioned [foto]posts…

today, our fabulous friends- angie and giu -who have a car took us around to look at neighbourhoods and to a never before seen by us beach over the mountain from karori called makara.

and here you can see it…(hopefully)


the gang at makara beach…thanks guys for the field trip!

makara mini cooper…

original mini cooper having a day at makara beach…

moon over welly

full moon over wellington harbour just before the red lunar eclipse of 2007, and just before the wind blew us back home. yes, the wind is still here, but i’m a little tougher now i think!

well fine…

the flickr photo stream isn’t working to my designs either….

you can open the link to see photos,

i will think on a new system.


hmm, get into the groove

hey out there,

well, mc nneicy and i have been on the north island almost a week now. actually seems like ages since we landed. but finally we are here after a bit of, wellll…., delay. but that’s okay, because we can officially say that we went to oz (australia).

i’ve had a little trouble blogging becuase of time differences…but i hope i can get into a groove and keep the oyster stew flowing. i know you all are awake everynight wondering what the next post will be…NOT.

and i’m thinking of putting the basic fotos on flicker (look to the right of the blog) because, well frankly, that is what it’s for….and it’s much easier than putting them in the post, so have a look.

here’s a quick catch up,

we toured los angeles for the afternoon one week ago, waiting at the gate for 3 hours in LAX, waited another one and a half hours on the runway, toasted mc neicy’s 18th birthday at 44000 feet altitude, walked wellington, went to a party, walked wellington, had a typical kiwi brekkie, tramped seatoun where we found a hermit’s house, drank lots of coffee, managed to accidentally film oursleves, and walked welly some more!

that’s about it really,

i’m really happy to catch up  with friends, make new ones, see the nature of NZ but miss the comforts of home too.

thanks for staying in touch, and give maya a squeeze for me especially!



did i mention…

i LOVE arriving in wellington!?!?


we are here.

i’m going to sleep.

(luggage is not here)

16 hours…

before i leave for the north island in the southern hemisphere.

i haven’t packed a thing,

i am on the phone of course with my amazing friends which is great.

not so great is the hassle of still dealing with HP!!!

don’t know when i’ll post again…but stay tuned.