conceptual oyster

the world is my oyster…living in random oyster beds, oceans and marshes worldwide, currently:, New Zealand

e doroto

it’s golden!
i finished this long ago,
but just now photographing “triple lutz“…
and here is what else is going on at the moment:

the gold medal in the event of olympic knitting,
triple lutz knitted by oyster girl for team italy

and it’s gold!

and here we have triple lutz and another contemplative pose (notice we now have a television).

the pattern is from loop-d-loop and i knit it with rowan cotton tape. very cool stuff. i’d been fondelling it at knitworld for some time…and it was just perfect for the project.

if the weather holds…i ‘ll wear it for easter and note, i’ve finally moved away from beige and green!

here’s genovesey, cast on for about the fourth time,
but i made the design decision, and i’m sticking with it.

less is more…

and for a bit of instant gratification, i took a book from the library
(simple knits for cherished babies)
and worked up these for an expecting friend:

1. they are so tiney and cute, so cute

2. it’s a color

3.i’ve never done a sock type project, it was quick and fun.

they were made from some very fine fiber of wool and silk by patons (i think it’s patons…too lazy to get the label)

and that’s what i’m up to. i bought last year nine balls of cleckheaton mohair for a patter i was ‘in love with’…well, i fell out of love with it, and am currently contemplating how to alter the pattern so i’m excited to knit it again, it was quite an investment.

also, there are the regular things of life, working, washing, etc….

but no pictures of that at the moment.



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