conceptual oyster

the world is my oyster…living in random oyster beds, oceans and marshes worldwide, currently:, New Zealand


hey, i’ve been seeing these for awhile..finally i got one:

You’ve been tagged. so here it goes…delete my answers and replace with your own and send it back to me and on to other friends!

Four jobs you have had in your life:

1. Max’ Mexican Eattery
2. “clean”…after hours office cleaner
3. artist/assistant/etc….. (X4)
4. architect..(X2)

Four movies you would watch over and over

1. Swiss Family Robinson
2. The Big Chill
3. The Little Mermaid
4. Amadeus
Four places you have lived

1. Thomasville, NC
2. Greenvill, NC
3. Savannah, GA
4. Wellington, NZ

Four TV shows you love to watch

1. Grey’s Anatomy
2. Sex and the City
3. Biography
4. Desperate Housewives

Four places you have been on vacation

1. Bahamas
2 British Iles
3. US Virgin Islands
4. Mexico…(never again)

Four Web sites you visit daily
(regularly…not actually daily for me)
1. eBay
3. yahoo horoscopes
4. yahoo mail

Four of your favorite foods
1. Japanese
2. Mexican
3. Southern/Soul
4. choc-o-la-ta-te’

Four places you would rather be right now
1. Tropical vacation
2. NYC
3. under a palm tree (with tropical beverages)
4. considering the massive cardio class i jsut took…i’m fine at the ‘puter

Four friends I am tagging that I think will respond
1. esma
2. kelli n.
3. meridith
4. mom (at least will try, hee hee)


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