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the primo park i mentioned before…but since blogger screws up my images…you are seeing it now…but don’t you want to be here…

at the ballet..too bad you can’t see my flash new stockings!

alright…here’s what 300 new zealand dollars will get ya at the pack and save…
not to metion the 15 dollar cad ride home,
’cause it’s just toooo much for the scooter!

well, here i am, slacking…well, really, i’ve been busy, and as a result…this has the potential of becoming a lengthy post:,
it’s good…it’s work but i really like it,
and of course, there is the comic relief, just when you least expect it and need it the most.
highlights…realising that 20 year olds are no different than 10 year olds in the classroom…and that the ‘paste eatter’ in kindergarten grows up to become the glue sniffer in uni. and i had to issue a failing grade…and sometimes…i wing it…while the ‘kids’ take notes and whole heartedly believe i know what i’m talking about! cool.

why i’m here:
architecture i suppose…you know i love design!!! love it love it love….the freedom of creativity. (side note…i’m going to be working on a competition with simone soon…if i can get the spare bedroom cleaned up enough to work in it….as of this moment, the mouse is fighting with a pile of clothes….clean, yet unfolded)…but, back to the point:
nz architecture…makes the job search in the states seem gastly..side tracked again…

a new waterside park opened recently..and it’s great…fantastic landscaping, skate park, primo materials, climbing wall, out door exhibitions…and very orderly…stodgey design like i like!!!!
(yay basic geometry and proportions!!!) it’s really a nice place to be and wanted to share it with you.

those of you who know me, have lived with me, have shopped with me….know i have hip hop, gangsta tendencies….i have a not so secret crush know…snoop dogg…and …well, let’s leave it at that…oh, and sometimes i like to play dress up…
anyway…i have found a home (ghetto) away from home (ghetto)…
i can get my freak on by way of Les Mills Body Jam’s so fun…learning to shake what my momma gave me…we aren’t talkin nsync pop and lock jive ….it’s the real thing….i could be the next..shakira or the chick from pussy cat dolls, oh yeah….it’s like ‘breakin’ meets ‘west side story’ meets ‘compton’…
i might upload a video…worth a chuckle.

finally, only in nz…
do ballet and rugby comingle.
went to the ballet…a contempory nz ballet in the traditional form, it was great…you can read the story from the linke below…
but it was too cute seeing the traditional haka, scrum, and locker room put to a ballet…
it was a great experience…especially since i talked my way into a ‘student rate’ ticket!
the theater was quite nice as well:

that’s about all to report for now and i need to check on the meat loaf…american comfort food, yummy..
if any of you can send a recipe for homemade mac and cheese..i’d love kraft blue boxes here.



i forgot to mention…we have some serious tranny prostituion just outside the building…maybe i can get a photo for show and tell


e doroto

it’s golden!
i finished this long ago,
but just now photographing “triple lutz“…
and here is what else is going on at the moment:

the gold medal in the event of olympic knitting,
triple lutz knitted by oyster girl for team italy

and it’s gold!

and here we have triple lutz and another contemplative pose (notice we now have a television).

the pattern is from loop-d-loop and i knit it with rowan cotton tape. very cool stuff. i’d been fondelling it at knitworld for some time…and it was just perfect for the project.

if the weather holds…i ‘ll wear it for easter and note, i’ve finally moved away from beige and green!

here’s genovesey, cast on for about the fourth time,
but i made the design decision, and i’m sticking with it.

less is more…

and for a bit of instant gratification, i took a book from the library
(simple knits for cherished babies)
and worked up these for an expecting friend:

1. they are so tiney and cute, so cute

2. it’s a color

3.i’ve never done a sock type project, it was quick and fun.

they were made from some very fine fiber of wool and silk by patons (i think it’s patons…too lazy to get the label)

and that’s what i’m up to. i bought last year nine balls of cleckheaton mohair for a patter i was ‘in love with’…well, i fell out of love with it, and am currently contemplating how to alter the pattern so i’m excited to knit it again, it was quite an investment.

also, there are the regular things of life, working, washing, etc….

but no pictures of that at the moment.



hey, i’ve been seeing these for awhile..finally i got one:

You’ve been tagged. so here it goes…delete my answers and replace with your own and send it back to me and on to other friends!

Four jobs you have had in your life:

1. Max’ Mexican Eattery
2. “clean”…after hours office cleaner
3. artist/assistant/etc….. (X4)
4. architect..(X2)

Four movies you would watch over and over

1. Swiss Family Robinson
2. The Big Chill
3. The Little Mermaid
4. Amadeus
Four places you have lived

1. Thomasville, NC
2. Greenvill, NC
3. Savannah, GA
4. Wellington, NZ

Four TV shows you love to watch

1. Grey’s Anatomy
2. Sex and the City
3. Biography
4. Desperate Housewives

Four places you have been on vacation

1. Bahamas
2 British Iles
3. US Virgin Islands
4. Mexico…(never again)

Four Web sites you visit daily
(regularly…not actually daily for me)
1. eBay
3. yahoo horoscopes
4. yahoo mail

Four of your favorite foods
1. Japanese
2. Mexican
3. Southern/Soul
4. choc-o-la-ta-te’

Four places you would rather be right now
1. Tropical vacation
2. NYC
3. under a palm tree (with tropical beverages)
4. considering the massive cardio class i jsut took…i’m fine at the ‘puter

Four friends I am tagging that I think will respond
1. esma
2. kelli n.
3. meridith
4. mom (at least will try, hee hee)

sunday march 5, 2006

nothing much to report at all…
i’m irritated today…the wind gives me anxiety, it’s so irritating.

well, i’m just going to catch up on other people’s blogs.