conceptual oyster

the world is my oyster…living in random oyster beds, oceans and marshes worldwide, currently:, New Zealand

summer slackin

casting on and getting the first couple rows of genovesey done
(lookin a bit girthy eh)

a natural born scout leader,
‘follow me people, i’m certain the seals are just beyond this pass”

amanda hufford stars as olivia newton john in Look What I Scored in Porirua on Waitani Day (yes, that is a straw retired tourist hat…but my head was getting sun burned)

so cool and reflective on the shore…
too bad the stallion didn’t offer to carry my helmut, it’s heavey, but at least this time i don’t look like…you know (with the helmut)

the interislander ferry coming back to welly from picton through cooks straight

week one back in the under world (can you technically call NZ ‘downundah’) and summer is in full swing, although you can tell by pics that the temps aren’t so different, but sun is out and it just feels like summer. also, i’m back to posting at the internet cafe, so forgive the layout…these computers are really irritating.

so, to make a long story short, well shorter, i will quickly run over my first week back…

as usual, didn’t have my camera with me when anything good happened, like the Porirua festival on waitaingi day and the Chinese New Year festival in Wellington…we did however have the camera in hand when we went seal hunting, only to find no seals.

so, monday back, we headed out on the train to porirua where there are allegedely a plethora of bargains to be had, we needed to do a BIG grocery run so we set out to the big stores in porirua. that morning i had gone exercising and realised the town was shut down…then remembered from my international day planner, it was waitangi day in NZ, i told sim and he realised…YAY no work today…so we set out to porirua by train for the big bargains…we arrived and there was a ferris wheel, the rainbow, etc…all kinds of food, music, dancing, a skateboard competition…it was a wonderful festival celebrating the diversity of the community there…so…we bought not the first grocery item that day, but had a blast.

the rest of the week continued as usual, until we set out saturday to do some rollerblading along oriental parade…fun and bun firming, went to return the skates and here comes a lady with flags to give out, then one of the liveliest and most fesitve parades i’ve ever seen…so there is saturday….and sunburned.

sunday, off to find the seals by red rocks in island bay…we tramped for hours through the wind and sum, to find out that the seals left and in october and won’t be back until october or so. and…i sat next to Rigor Mortis…the dead NZ opossum…weird, didn’t look like US opossums, poor thing, looked like he literally stopped dead in his tracks.

and lastly, and probably leastly, the knitting olympics….i cast on early or late, i dunno because they air around 7 am here. i frogged all progress but will try and start again tonight after my italian class.

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