conceptual oyster

the world is my oyster…living in random oyster beds, oceans and marshes worldwide, currently:, New Zealand


back in NZ..nothing much changed here..the weather slightly,
actually, it’s great when it’s cooperative, but now it’s that same ole same ole is it a rainy day, sunny day, overcast??? noting really…makes it hard to dress or decide what to do.

it’s the world summer sevens championship now…all night hoards of painted, drunken chants to their team loyalties…
oddly…england beat samoa and that got me down….the equiv. to the seahawks pounding the panthers. but don’t hate the game…hate the playas…right?

as far as my olympic dreams…the chance for a gold may be steimied (spelling?)…i have a killer back problem, it hurts even post the blog!!! it’s all very nancy kerrigan…but i hope to recover in time for the games.

my heart is broken…you can imagine why as i stare at the photo of maya and sam.

the blog may slow down a bit…this dial up situation is a pain.

oh, major update…we have a television!
cool, but no channels really, but at least we aren’t watching dvds on the computer screen.

i don’t know what it is…but, i’ve been listening to r&b lately…
i dunno

thanks for the great comments…and due to overwhelming responce to ‘glamour mandy’…i may be forced to make a regular segment of flashback mandy


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