conceptual oyster

the world is my oyster…living in random oyster beds, oceans and marshes worldwide, currently:, New Zealand

dog days

Been spending some much needed quality time with my hounds…it’s great. Santa brought them ‘credit cards’ for a day of beautification and the Petsmart groomers…they cashed them in today and got their hair and nails did, in dog world, it’s perfectly acceptable for sam to do this as well as maya.
They (and I) had a blast, they were first doted on for three hours of groomer…they loved it, got a freebie (the neckercheifs), shiney new tags, and a one hour shopping spree. maya was taken with the pink barbie shearling tennis ball, sam showed a little intrest in a furry mallard duck. They were both impressed with the selection of food products
but in the end settled on two cows’ hooves and and gingham sqeaky dog that was completely destoyed within minutes. they were entranced throughout the night.
Today, they seem a bit depressed. Not sure if today is a let down from yesterday, but maybe it’s the dreary weather. They’ve moped around all day, maya barely begged at dinner. I think they are also mad…as I began to make my upcoming travel arrangements.
I hope they will make room for me on the bed…

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