conceptual oyster

the world is my oyster…living in random oyster beds, oceans and marshes worldwide, currently:, New Zealand

a year in yarn

This past year can be described as a knitting project…a colorful scarf perhaps to warm your neck as you walk through a cold city. Broken hearts were healed as a project took shape, new and existing relationships were knitted forming tighter bonds than before…and as with most of my projects, mistakes were made. Bad color choices were made and some projects simply unravelled. In the end, necks were warmed, chances were taken, and gifts (of all sorts) were given.

I’ve picked up wool and needles from time to time throughout my life starting, like many others, with my aunt, later, on my own… with never a completed project, always with frustration and defeat. However, most recently, with the a patient and supportive group of friends willing to see me through my first completed projects…and seeing one another through the daily trials of life.

So, with one thesis completed, I was free to indulge in some zen knitting and embark on my ‘world journey’…I arrived in New Zealand and at Breakneck speed found myself working in a local architecture firm and making weeking pilgrimages ‘down mount everest’ into Cuba Mall’s Left Bank to the largest stash of wool I’ve ever seen. I know, an unlikely pair…the hardness of architecture and the softness of knitting…but it’s the yinyang of life. Again with the patience and kindness of those at KnitWorld , I graduated from the basic garter stitch scarf to sumptuous fibers, intricate designs, and my first completed garmet. This by the way only had to be unravelled once.

I was hooked and the following months were filled with sketching, speculating, planning, and experimenting…Knitters are everywhere, they come in all sizes, shapes, genders (some questionable), styles of knitting, preferences, but in the end, we are all the same with a few minor adjustments…for example:

at Knit New York, you find punk rock knitters, your ‘typical New Yorker’, and knitters in drag. Also, this boutique is great for the odd boyfriend or husband in tow as it has a full service espresso bar and cafe…this is not to undermine the beatiful color choices and European pattern books.

in Philly, you find Loop, the Ikea of knitting. The boutique is small, minimal, and slightly goth. A sort of ‘cut to the chase’ , efficient (yet very helpful) knitting boutique stocked with the softest of cashmeres and smoothest of silks…and here you will find the Kate Spade of need carriers. Here I discovered Crystal Palace circular needles and highly recommend them.

the Yarn Lounge is in Richmond, Virginia. Here, you enter a wool shop exuding southern hospitality and lots of hand spun wool and partially knitted projects in every nook and cranny…complete even with your typical southern hound dog. Here you can pick your new muse, plan it up with whom ever else may be in the shop, then have a seat on any of the compfy sofas and begin clacking your needles.

the sites:


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