conceptual oyster

the world is my oyster…living in random oyster beds, oceans and marshes worldwide, currently:, New Zealand

Thursday 15 of September

Feeling a bit out of place at the moment…
the weather turned…cloudy and damp.

I miss the independence of having my own social set, and I miss you all and the dogs!!!
I keep thinking I need to take them out…

about the fabulous mohair…i suck at knitting anything other than the straight knit and purl, but I continue the scarf, well, the fancy pattern became embellishment just on the ends. and back to knit and purl…it’s mindless.

a few new zealand-isms:

“….and bob’s your uncle!”- meaning and there you have it.

the accent is odd and i’m warming up to it.

one doesn’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend here…you have a ‘partner’…very PC and efficient for all lifestyles I suppose.

architecture firms here ROCK!

the basil is not good to me…it seems to taste more like cilantro.

LindyHop Swing lessons were fun…hopefully we will continue…but they have it all wrong when they think they are familiar with the southern Shag…(…carolina girls….best in the world….)

everything is ‘for sure’….

it’s very stylish and trendy here, seems a VERY young city, food is good, really good.

oh, and i guess maybe we are a little prudish in the south…some things shock me as they are referred to so openly…such as…i popped into a patesserie yesterday for a cookie….and right next to the gingerbread men, they had, well, i cannot say.

alright, enough for now…
oh, yeah, um…here we go again…
seymore is making a documentary….so imagine this:
our weekend plan is for me, yes me, to pilot the scooter while seymore videographs Wellington’s architecture….

…and Bob’s your uncle!


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