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friday, 23 september

first to respond to a couple questions…

after 8 tries (and half the pack of wool), i got my lace pattern going on the scarf…i cannot keep up the concentration for the entire scarf, so 4 rows of a lovely border…then knit. the should be interesting.

about sammy, i love him, i miss him, and hiro too always wished he could become a real boy…i should’ve named him pinocchio…trying to become human!!! i sense over our telepathic wave…he’s going for a young john travolta thing.

as to pizza, i think i actually saw a dominios thingy on top of a delivery car, but certainly not like the states, more crepes places here than pizza.

patesserie (sp) is like a bakery/confectionary/coffee shop….and mmmmm mmmm good!

the scooter…definitely a slegggggghammer!
oh, i saw a ND-yessssssss tee shirt. and some cute (well, bratty)school girls in their uniforms rattling off ND one-liners!

okay, after a busy week…i am at ye olde internet cafe, adn forgot my dang flash stick!
with the pictures, etc…but i promise this weekend. hoping to go to the coast if the weather holds on sunday…so, will catch up then.

this week, went to a fancy gym with sim’s ‘concession’…was interesting, in many ways NZ really seems a utopia, and this gym experience supported this theory. (however, i was really sore the next day after ‘body ballance’ a combo of tai chi, yoga, and pilates)

then, i have met some peeps! yay, i’m meeting for coffee! in two hours!…at least it’s someone to talk to.
these people i’ve met…are like me…here wondering the streets having followed their ‘partners’ here. and we will get together and chat on all the same things….it was the perfect comic relief talking to the american…who has been here 4 weeks….how much reading, yoga, shopping can you do before you lose it…yeah, so yesterday, i roamed the streets again, visited the mac counter (34 bucks for eye shadow here) and arrived at home pretty as a peacock! and can tell you EVERYTHING about the new fall line…….(thank goodness i am meeting for coffee today)

this morning, i got a firmed up offer to work…it’s tough, i’m going to be working with engineers, and the job requires some travel to that’s cool, and i am possibly going to do some post occupancy work at the american embassy (oh yeah, i am supposed to register there….so little time)

and finally, swing lessons were really fun, glad we are doing it. we are going to watch the pros this evening (unless the rain comes and i wimp out) and tonight, i will try to prepare prawns…the herculinian shrimps!

take care!


Thursday 15 of September

Feeling a bit out of place at the moment…
the weather turned…cloudy and damp.

I miss the independence of having my own social set, and I miss you all and the dogs!!!
I keep thinking I need to take them out…

about the fabulous mohair…i suck at knitting anything other than the straight knit and purl, but I continue the scarf, well, the fancy pattern became embellishment just on the ends. and back to knit and purl…it’s mindless.

a few new zealand-isms:

“….and bob’s your uncle!”- meaning and there you have it.

the accent is odd and i’m warming up to it.

one doesn’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend here…you have a ‘partner’…very PC and efficient for all lifestyles I suppose.

architecture firms here ROCK!

the basil is not good to me…it seems to taste more like cilantro.

LindyHop Swing lessons were fun…hopefully we will continue…but they have it all wrong when they think they are familiar with the southern Shag…(…carolina girls….best in the world….)

everything is ‘for sure’….

it’s very stylish and trendy here, seems a VERY young city, food is good, really good.

oh, and i guess maybe we are a little prudish in the south…some things shock me as they are referred to so openly…such as…i popped into a patesserie yesterday for a cookie….and right next to the gingerbread men, they had, well, i cannot say.

alright, enough for now…
oh, yeah, um…here we go again…
seymore is making a documentary….so imagine this:
our weekend plan is for me, yes me, to pilot the scooter while seymore videographs Wellington’s architecture….

…and Bob’s your uncle!

K-New Zealand

It’s day three, and all is well,

I cannot really check email daily, and have to go at this point to ‘internet cafes’, so Conceptual Oyster seems the best plan to date. Thanks everyone for actually looking at it and replying…

not sure yet how to best post pictures…well, haven’t taken any anyhow…but seen lots of things to take them of…such as the local Bed, Bath and Beyond, the orange juice with the same label as minute maid…but called Kerr, and the hi-tec KFC, etc…

Here are the highlights…well, this isn’t exactly a third world country…and i’m glad to have teh comforts of home…but next time, i’ll just buy lotion here…it’s heavy to travel with and spilled on my coat!
the apartment is much ‘homier’ now that i switched somethings about…it’s very tiney though, also very sunny, which is good. can’t wait to post a picture of it…it’s f-ugly form the outside.

oh, eureeka, the mayonaise!
well, there is a brand in the same packaging as Dukes…but again, of another name. But none of this matters anymore because:
I doscovered oilio….different varietes! Yessssssss! It’s mayo with a kick…great on everything, last night i dressed a salad of green beans and tomato with it! yum yum….and also had fresh grouper…you can’t believe teh exotic items in the grocery….that we only read about in Martha Stewart Living! Actuallly fun to go grocery shopping, then of course, you have to lug it up ‘Mt. Everest’, I don’t want to spend money on a taxi, and i need the exercise!

Next, I found the equivilant to the Dollar Tree…The Two Dollar Store…very handy…

Now, many of you will be jealous here:
I found the mother load…of yarn that is…I went there again today, and started a new scarf…with beautiful mohair…that was only the equiv. of about three bucks a skein USD. and the needles they have…oh boy.
and, i am actually trying a new pattern on this on…of course, it took all three employees of Knit World to get me through six rows…and then sugested i pay, take it home and see what I could do overnight.

Now I am making the job contacts, keep your fingers crossed.

Last night I really started to miss Sam and Maya, so thanks for the updates…and thanks for loving them!!
Seriously, Thanks!

I need to go eat now, and rest…
hopefully going to a dance lesson tonight!

the weather is beginning to wain…good thing for the sweaters!

love to you all.

Dateline S-Wellington

estimated time in Wellington to date:
approx. 47 minutes

long haul flight:
a very long 12 hours since the nasty british woman beside me spilled an entire bottle on water on my seat (thus a moist flight), kept taking my arm rest controls and my pillow

euro-trash spottings:

weather in Wellington:
agreeably sunny and cool in the shade

much potential, but as of the moment, messy and obviously a bachelor’s pad


new luggage:
heavy, one puncture, one missing handle, and a laseration

general outlook:
sunny, Wellington is much better the second time around and with the sun shining. A few fleeting thoughts of: okay, i’m here, why the heck am I here, and what do I do now? But should be a good experience.

Here I Go…

i’m off…next stop Swellington!

Passenger Liability

one more day until departure…

packing has taken a turn for the better,
I finally have the suitcase closed and latched.

i’ve stock piled toiletries and reading material…
i’ve devoured much of the reading already.

can i justify a trip to barnes and noble for another fix?

Bachelor Gourmet: Weiners and Rice


white rice
1 package hotdog weiners
brown sugar


cook rice as instructed

cut weiners in bite sized pieces and sautee in pan,
add ketchup,
a bit of brown sugar
and cook until thick sweet sauce is formed.

serve over rice